Paybackable Simplifies Expense Reports


Paybackable homeHaving trouble tracking your expenses on a daily basis? Thinking there must be a better way to log and run reports on the expenses you accrue while working? Paybackable may just be the application you need. Paybackable offers an easier way to track and reimburse your out-of-pocket spending including mileage and that includes the expenses of anyone under your purview.

Paybackable can track up to 25 employees (for $29.95 per month) or as few as one so that works well for all you solo Web workers out there. The Solo account is completely free although all paid accounts do offer a 30-day trial and fee-based accounts are month-to-month. The free version does not include e-mail support.

If you are using QuickBooks, have no fear. Paybackable is also QuickBooks-compatible.

As I have found with client project management systems like Basecamp and invoicing systems like Freshbooks, managing work details on the Web gives me the portability I need so I’m not limited to my own computer and can access what I need anytime and from anywhere.

Paybackable mileageFreshbooks actually has an Expenses feature. Ultimately, if you are already using Freshbooks, Paybackable is pretty much redundant. In Freshbooks, I can assign my expenses not only Categories but also attach them to Client records in addition to Staff member records. Being able to review expenses at a glance by Client is very helpful for me.

In a nutshell, Paybackable is:

  • a quick and easy way to track expenses without managing multiple files on your computer;
  • a portable, accessible option for expense tracking; and
  • a paperless option to reduce clutter and waste.

Not all of us start out with the right tools and software to manage our business. If you are like me, your business has grown organically, and you are seeking ways to streamline as you take on more clients and projects. Sometimes simplicity wins over robust functionality, particularly if you are just starting to get your Web work business organized.

Expect a full API for Paybackable in the near future.



Hey Aliza, thanks for review and the kind words. We’ll continue to make the site more useful for firms of all sizes, including self employed folks.

I did want to mention that one the features our customers find most useful (and not available in FreshBooks) is the mileage tracking. This has been especially true for people using our Solo accounts, who need to track complete expenses related to client work. We hear from a lot of bookkeepers and accountants that this is one of the most overlooked business deductions.

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