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LaterLoop Saves Web Pages With Unique Features

LaterLoop LogoBeing able to bookmark and save web pages for future reference is a functionality that has been tried by many players, including Instapaper, toread, and Iterasi (previously covered).  However, a new entrant called LaterLoop is approaching this web page saving space with some unique and interesting features.

Using LaterLoop couldn’t be easier.  Begin by signing up on their web site.  Because the service is built bookmarkleton Google’s App Engine (Google’s brand new application environment for web developers), if you have a Gmail (Google) account, you can just sign in.  Otherwise, choose a username and password as normal when signing up for a web service.

Next, install their Firefox Bookmarklet which is displayed on the right.  Now, while perusing the web, if you see a site you like and you want to save it for later, click the LaterLoop bookmarklet and the page will be saved for future reference in your LaterLoop account.

So far, LaterLoop doesn’t look all that different than the other bookmarking tools.  However, to set itself apart, LaterLoop:

  • Is optimized for mobile phone users.  So far similar services have released iPhone versions.  LaterLoop takes it a step further by optimizing their service for BlackBerries, Nokias, and Windows Mobile devices as well.
  • has a great social feature.  If you want to share a bookmarks, star it and it will then appear in an RSS feed you can publish out to your blog or simply share the RSS feed with your friends.
  • features an Airplane mode: this will allow you download a ZIP file of all your links for offline access.
  • allows you to grant granular permissions.  You can set all of your bookmarked pages to be public, or just your starred ones.
  • scrapbooksupports the Firefox Scrapbook extension.  This is an established Firefox extension that allows you to save sites on your computer for future reference.

After using LaterLoop to bookmark a few sites, it appears to be very functional.  The offline capabilities make it an attractive offering as I travel to sites where Wi-Fi access can be hard to come by.  Also, the mobile site looks fantastic on my Nokia phone.

LaterLoop has put together an attractive offering that is worth taking a look at.

9 Responses to “LaterLoop Saves Web Pages With Unique Features”

  1. Nice to see another tool like this.
    I have programmed for myself a tiny little tool with similar functionality, you can find it at
    It’s optimized for moblies, easy design and NO beta – just working.
    One special others do not have is a so-called “spin-off” mode.
    Try it, maybe you will find it useful.


  2. Jason – Thanks for mentioning iterasi in your review of LaterLoop. The service looks pretty cool. They did nice work in integrating with Google Apps and making LaterLoops available on a mobile.

    At iterasi, our goal is to help people “save” web pages. When a user “notarizes” a page with iterasi, the entire page gets saved, dynamic content and all. We save the entire page a person so may view it exactly as it appeared at the moment the page was saved. The page stays in their account forever in the state that it was initially saved. LaterLoop saves the link, not the page itself. It transfers a copy of the link to the LaterLoop account. I just wanted to point out the difference.

    I do believe LaterLoops serves as a great example of the power that Google Apps will have on the landscape. Google has a mammoth installed base who use GMail, for instance, as part of their daily routine. That makes it easy for people to use an app like LaterLoop. All a person has to do is enter their GMail address and password. That’s it. Very simple for any user to do.

  3. My reaction is lukewarm… Its okay. Sure the site is optimized for my BlackBerry, but its of no use unless the sites I bookmark are mobile-optimized as well. Because when I try to read my bookmarks, it takes me to the standard sites there.

    Also, I tried the ‘experimental’ offline feature. Let’s just say, it’s experimental.