Intel’s Z-P230 flash memory is ready for your nettop or netbook

Zp230Aside from having a big toe in the processor pool for low-cost handhelds and notebooks, Intel is ready to offer their storage solution as well. The Z-P230 as it’s affectionally known, is a 2.1 x 1.5-inch board with a 40-pin, ZIF, parallel ATA connector and either 4- or 8 GB of flash memory soldered on. It’s a definitely a power-saver, using 314 mW of juice when reading or writing your bits and bytes; under 2 mW of power are slowly slurped when idle. Intel indicates pricing at $25 and $45, respectively, and they’ll have a 16 GB option in the near future.At these prices, you’re paying around $6 a GB, which continues the trend towards lower costing flash drive options. I just can’t figure out why they named this after a Star Wars Headhunter. Oh wait, my bad… that was the Z-95 model I’m confusing this with…(via Windows for Devices)


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