EPIC-FU Moves to Revision3

We used to comment that Revision3 was just an excuse to get the old TechTV gang back together. But now that they’ve got all the geek cable stars tied up, the online video startup is looking outwards, bringing in web video stars who’ve already established followings of their own — first Veronica Belmont, and now Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of EPIC-FU.

Diaz and Woolf had only just announced that they’d let their relationship with Revision3 competitor Next New Networks lapse. To be clear, the two write, shoot, produce, star in, edit their geeky pop culture news show themselves, and they’ve even created a robust fan community site. That isn’t changing. What NNN offered and Rev3 will now offer is ad sales, distribution, and cross-promotion. And though Woolf and Diaz are showing with their feet that they think Rev3 offers a better package.

We asked Rev3 CEO Jim Louderback if he had actively wooed EPIC-FU but he insisted “we didn’t aggressively pursue them at all,” rather that the partnership seemed like a good fit for everyone involved. “We share some of the risk on the front end and a lot of the reward on the back end.
It’s definitely a partnership.” Louderback said Rev3 is not currently raising funding for its expansion, but seeing stronger interest from sponsors.

The only change to EPIC-FU will be that it’s going to double its release schedule to twice a week. Woolf said that could even become three times a week.

Woolf had told us in the past that he and Diaz were in talks to bring EPIC-FU to television. He said tonight, “We have one very serious TV offer still on the table but we haven’t pulled the trigger on it.”