Dial2Do Offers Free Transcription

ScreenshotWe know many web workers who depend on Jott – the service that takes your phone calls and transcribes them to emails, to-dos, and other things. But Jott is only available in the US. A new competitor, Dial2Do, offers services in 19 countries, including the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, and a number of others. After setting up your account (which requires a phone with Caller ID), you can call and say “reminder” to send yourself an email. You can also set up contacts and send them mail or text messages, and hook up to other services like Twitter, Jaiku, and Tumblr. There’s also interconnection with Jajah so you can use Dial2Do to set up phone calls and conferences.

The site uses a combination of machine and human transcription – though, judging from the delay and accuracy on the tests I made, they all ran through a human transcriptionist (and one not too familiar with technical terms). On the plus side, Dial2Do also makes the audio file available for everything it sends. The service is in beta, but it only took a week or so between request and invitation for me.


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