Dial2Do: it’s like Jott for non-U.S. countries


Knowing that nearly of half of our readership is outside the United States, I was glad to stumble upon Dial2Do. Why? Because it offers similar functionality to Jott, but it works in eighteen countries outside of the U.S. (plus here at home), all of which are listed right here. Like Jott, Dial2Do doesn’t charge for service, although you may generate fees through your carrier for the e-mails and text messages created through Dial2Do. You can use the service to call in and speak a message that gets transcribed to an e-mail or SMS and it also supports Twitter and Jaiku for posting statuses to those in your social network. I’m not sure I’d want to use it for that without testing the transcription first. I’d hate to say “Yo! Meet for Drink?” and see “Oy! Your feet stink!” all over the public Twitter and Jaiku timelines. Surprisingly, Dial2Do also reads RSS feeds to you; something that Jott just added recently. Not bad for free… at least for now… the product site says it’s free while in beta, so anything is possible after that. Not sure how’d you use it? Check the video demo above. I find that services like Jott and Dial2Do come in very handy while driving as you can create messages without taking your eyes off the road. You can keep those stinky feet on the pedals where they belong as well.(via Web Worker Daily)


Kevin C. Tofel

That’s true, but WWD indicates that they got an invite in around a week of signing up. Hopefully, Dial2Do keeps to or improves upon that schedule for the beta.

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