DECA Gives Birth to CoolMom

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After going after dudes with, new media studio DECA is nurturing its maternal side with the new online series CoolMom, which launches today. Show host Daphne Brogdon hopes to provide an entertaining jolt to the motherly market with a comedic takes on what’s good (and not so good) about being a mom.

“Moms don’t just eat, breathe and sh*t their kids,” Brogdon said to me in an interview. The format for the show is just Brogdon talking into the camera, making it more like a vlog than an actual “show.” Topics she’ll cover include kids books that suck, missing the work life and non-mom topics like politics. New episodes air daily.

Obviously I’m not the show’s target demographic (last time I checked, anyway), so the jokes whizz past me, but they seem funny enough for the yummy-mummy set. Brogdon’s delivery is a bit distracting, however. She has the mannerisms and vocal delivery of someone performing stand-up, but there’s no laughter, so it sounds like her bits are dying.

In the Motherhood‘s recent move from web series to TV show proves there’s a market out there to make moms laugh, but I think CoolMom will have to expand beyond just Brogdon.

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