SideShow on Windows Mobile finally becomes a reality


Microsoft_windows_sideshow_for_windThe oh-so-obvious solution to use a Windows Mobile handheld as a Sideshow device has finally poked its head out of the rabbit hole, courtesy of a Microsoft Developers Preview. And by preview, I mean pre-preview if the version number of 0.01 means anything. The app supports both Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but solely on Bluetooth and on devices that use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Since Sideshow is a Vista feature, you won’t be using an XP computer with it either.

From what I can see, it has the same look and feel of the MSN Direct service that Microsoft rolled out a short while ago: it appears to be very "paneled" when showing information from your PC on your WinMo device. You can pick it up right here if you’ve got the guts machine for it. I’ve got Vista on my Samsung Q1UP, so I’ll see if I can get this working with my Dash that run Windows Mobile 6.

Update: this installed without a hitch for me, but of course, your mileage may vary. Standard SideShow gadgets in Vista are for your Inbox, Calendar, and Windows Media Player. I downloaded the Weatherbug gadget, told the UMPC to add it to my SideShow device, and it was instantly on my Dash via the Bluetooth connection. Worth a look, but I’ll have to kick the tires to see how useful I find it. Regardless: what took so long for this to happen?



Matt Gerlach

I think a great way would be for accessing information (like the ikanos [spelling?] beta) via other ways outside of bluetooth.

In their scenario, a simple thing like a shopping list. You may have forgot it on the PC (or forgot to sync it), but using sideshow it is there via EVDO/3G/wifi/whatever.

I am excited for it, just hope something happens with it.

Kevin C. Tofel

Completely agree Matt and I should point out, not all Vista Sidebar Gadgets are SideShow compatible. I don’t want folks to think that all of their gadgets will work with this.

The tricky part with Windows Mobile as a SideShow device is that the traditional vision might not make sense. Most SideShow displays are demonstrated by showing Mail, Appointments and other Outlook data. Windows Mobile already does that well enough, so for this to take off, developers need to create unique ways to make it a value-add. Having said that, I do like using my Dash as a remote control for Windows Media Player on my UMPC. ;)

Matt Gerlach

I like it, and got it to work after finding the universal bluetooth driver.

Can this be useful? Heck yea…but I think it is at a hard point. It wont be useful until you get developers to make gadgets and if you can use something like WiFi or EVDO (or the like) to get access.

If developers dont develop, then it is useless…if developers see it as useless they wont develop. Gotta get a couple of devs to take the chance and go with it.

Raphael Malikian

Works great on my Lenovo X61 tablet & HP hw6915 Pocket PC. Have been using it as a Powerpoint remote, it’s really good as acts as ANOTHEr screen for presenter view – great if you plan on giving a presentation using the tablet screen instead of a projector. The windows media control is pretty neat too.

Thanks a lot for the heads up on this Kevin!


Bill Quinlan

Question concerning HP Mini-Note: what dvd burner would you recommend to run with the Mini-Note?


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