PageOnce Offers Internet Account Management

ScreenshotWe’ve looked before at one of the major problems with web account management: it’s most secure to use different passwords for every service, but it’s easiest to use one password everywhere. A new service from PageOnce wants to let you have your cake and eat it too: you log on to their site via a secure connection, and they handle logging you on to everything else. After creating your PageOnce account, you get a single screen that manages everything, and forms to add different accounts. They can handle interfacing to a wide variety of things, from cell phone carriers to Skype to Box.Net to social networks to credit card companies and email accounts. After you set up these accounts – by supplying your login and password information – you just need to remember your single password to PageOnce.

Of course, this means you’re trusting PageOnce to keep track of all those logins for you – and to keep them secure. While their “How We Keep You Safe” page lists a number of safeguards, from SSL and encryption to security reviews, their TOS makes it clear that PageOnce assume no liability for anything that might go wrong. For most users, I personally am much more comfortable recommending a client-side password management utility.

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