Jott Feeds whispers sweet RSS nothings in your ears

JottfeedsAs if converting the spoken word into e-mail, text messages, appointments and reminders wasn’t enough, Jott can keep you updated on your latest RSS feeds for free too. Jott Feeds comes pre-configured with five RSS addresses, but you can edit those right on the Jott site to have your own favorites. Then just call in to Jott at 1-866-JOTT-123 and say “Jott Feeds” at the first prompt. You’ll be asked which feed you want to hear and then Jott will read the postings to you.I just set up a jkOTR feed to test it and there were a few, very minor glitches in terms of the readback, specifically when there are quotes in a post. Still, very usable. I noticed that the author wasn’t read either, but that could be an issue with the feed itself. With Jott Feeds, you can configure to have Jott read you the post, title, author or any combination of the three. Here’s a 2.3 minute audio snippet of the most recent post in the feed so you can get a feel for the quality.All in all, this is an effective way to get RSS content directly from a phone when no computer or web connection is available. It’s not something I’d personally use on a daily basis, but it’s a nice free tool to have in your bag. or in your phone, as the case may be.(via Lifehacker)


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