Gigabyte’s M912 might be a Tablet PC after all


Gigabytem912batteryWas it just yesterday when I thought the Gigabyte M912 was a pseudo-Tablet PC? Sure it had the touchscreen and convertible form factor, but had a few niggles to contend with. I couldn’t understand how it would qualify to use XP due to the requirements that Microsoft set forth on Ultra-Low Cost PCs. Even though the Gigabyte product page indicated XP, it appears to be a Vista-based machine after all. Of course, it all depends on which Vista Edition we’re talking about here since Home Basic doesn’t offer the Tablet PC functionality. Regardless, there’s at least hopes of this being a true Tablet PC now. Then again, with a maximum of 1 GB of RAM and battery life potentially under two hours mentioned by Engadget, it might make for a less-than-optimal Tablet experience, so we can’t stick a fork in this one yet. Have to wait for more details or confirmation on the battery life a bit more.



xp or vista ?? hehe, it will be linux base device of course. You know that.

Dr. Julius Hibbert, Phd

Don’t those licensing terms apply to a special low price for XP Home only. The version of XP on the M912 is possibly Tablet Edtion for which those licensing restrictions would not apply. The version of Vista that the M912 is running in these pics is at least Home Premium because there is a Windows Media Center icon on the desktop in the pics that Engadget has and Media center isn’t included in Vista Home basic.

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