GeCube sub-notebook says: “I look like an Eee too!”


News_computex2008_gecubewcneweee01aFor a market that really didn’t exist until October, it’s sure getting crowded in a hurry. Our last look at a GeCube offering showed us a small notebook with removable display. Since that’s not Eee PC-like enough, it appears that a less Headless Horseman more conventional approach is in order at Computex. TweakTown has the first look at GeCube’s notebook with 10.2-inch display at 1024 x 600, now the fave resolution for small notebooks. This 1.5 kg device runs on VIA’s 1.6 GHz C7-M CPU, much like the HP Mini-note, but comes with a different flavor of Linux: the gOS distro brought into awareness by the first CloudBook. Windows XP appears to be an option as well.The GeCube also comes standard with 512 MB of RAM and has an additional open slot for another gig. Three USBs and an 80 GB traditional hard drive round out the base specs, along with WiFi, but no mention of Bluetooth. I do see two separate mouse buttons under the trackpad, which will make this a little more enjoyable to use over my current 701 Eee. No official word on price or availability just yet but one would certainly hope to see this around $400 or less.(via SlashGear)


James Kendrick

It’s hard to say how many units are actually selling. I met with HP yesterday and they admitted they cannot keep up with the sales yet and that they are producing a “bunch” of the Mini-Note.

Kevin C. Tofel

Asus claims that over a million Eee PCs have been sold so far. With the momentum this market is gaining through the many announcements at Computex, plus the release of the HP Mini before that, the market might hit the target. I think much of it will depend on consumer awareness and how ready folks are for the paradigm shift of portability in lieu of raw performance.


“Eee too, Brute?”

“Manufacturers looking for a piece of the growing market segment were quick to release a series of ‘Eee too’ products.”

It will be interesting to see how this segment evolves. With new offerings from Asus, HP, GeCube, Dell and Acer, the market is quickly becoming saturated. Any indications of early sales figures? The Eee 701 sold a few hundred thousand units; hard to see how this segment will hit the predicted 10-15 million units in 2008 when the year is almost half over.

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