Asus adds another “e” to the Eee PC: it’s called expensive

901No, you won’t see them officially called the Eeee PCs (note the extra “e”), but you might hear the new 901 and 1000 Eee PCs referred to that way. While the official Asus press release on the new notebook models doesn’t include a price, word out of Computex is that these are between $550 and $650. Now, the prices quoted are localized, so in your country, you may see a different price. Although we’ve tackled this price issue before by saying that price is the largest differentiator between these sub-notes and full-featured, full-sized laptops, we actually have more data for the argument.You’ve got the MSI Wind in a similar form factor and with more on-board storage; that can be nabbed with Windows XP for $499, with Linux for $100 less. Then there’s the new Acer Aspire One that comes in well below its peers at $379. Now, neither of these has the exact same specs of the Asus Eee PC 901 or 1000, but they’re darn close in terms of size, form factor, weight, etc… Close enough that the prices should really be within 15- to 25% of each other. Anyway, I’m hoping to see a U.S. price drop on Eee PCs across the board. Thoughts on pricing in this notebook class, anyone?


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