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ABC Tops in Visits, But CBS Gets More Time

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While more people visited during the 2007-2008 television season, they spent more time on, according to new numbers from Hitwise.

ABC eked out a narrow victory, capturing 27.14 percent of U.S. visits compared to NBC’s 27.01 percent in a custom category defined by Hitwise. Trailing behind in order were CBS (which had the highest jump from the previous season, increasing 41 percent), FOX sites, the CW, and My Network TV. Here’s the full chart:

CBS, though, was able to keep visitors sticking around longer as users spent an average of 10 minutes and 24 seconds on its site. NBC placed second with users spending an average of about 10 minutes on the site. Also interesting to note is that the CW placed third, above ABC and FOX. You have to wonder if that number would have been higher had the network kept Gossip Girl online.

2 Responses to “ABC Tops in Visits, But CBS Gets More Time”

  1. sharon

    The CW’s number definitely would have been higher if they had kept Gossip Girl online. How many articles were written about the new revolution of the way people watch television? And how many times was the CW mentioned especially because of the new teen hit, Gossip Girl? The CW needs to seriously figure out what they want to do–create their own path, make the way ratings are captured (thus changing advertising ways) change…. or try to fall into line behind the other networks and MAKE people watch television when THEY want us to watch television. Because seriously? Would you rather me watch the show… or watch it at 8pm on Monday night? (After you moved it from a perfectly good Wednesday night at 9pm and now it will be fighting against some of the best television shows out there for a place on Monday night! Ah! How stupid is that?) Anyway… yes. I agree with your remark up there. And this article was very interesting. :)