Jott Networks Allows You To Listen To RSS Feeds By Phone

Jott Networks, which lets people call in to leave notes for yourself or send emails and text messages to others by using your voice, launched a new feature today — listening to RSS feeds over the phone. Here’s how it works: You call in to Jott’s toll-free number, and then say “Jott Feeds.” The systems sets up a number of preloaded feeds, including mocoNews, but others can be added through your online account. It then reads the most recent posts. It also will read Twitter feeds or status updates on Facebook. I tried listening to mocoNews, and other than slightly mispronouncing “Gothenburg, Sweden,” it wasn’t too shabby.

John Pollard, the Seattle company’s founder and CEO, wrote in an email to me today: “We’ve known for some time that Jotters want to have access to their information sources while on the go, but we wanted to be very careful about not complicating the Jott user experience. We also wanted to pick a way of sourcing content that was rich, widely understood on the web, and that gave maximum flexibility to Jotters and publishers alike.” Already, Jott makes it pretty easy to access its services on any phone because all you have to do is dial a phone number. However, the one service that has caught my attention is the BlackBerry application that allows me to respond to emails using my voice. Once I install a small application, “Reply with Jott” is an option. I then speak into the phone, and the person gets my message via a text email. It works extremely well when driving or walking — so I can imagine that will be a case with the RSS feeds, too.

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