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Disney Buying Storytelling Social Net FanLib; DigiSynd in Process

imageDisney (NYSE: DIS), which has a specific mandate of making some smaller acquisitions in the online space, has been looking at everything these days, and is in the process of buying at least two companies that we know of. The first one is Fanlib, a community site dedicated to showcasing fan fiction. The Los Angeles-based site launched about a year ago, and had raised about $3 million from H.I.G. Ventures in 2006. Fan fiction is

11 Responses to “Disney Buying Storytelling Social Net FanLib; DigiSynd in Process”

  1. liliedove

    I can't believe they took fanlib down and sold it when there were so many loyal membera! I for one, got to the top 30 members in rank by my fith month being there! And I had over 51 submissions! I adored the site and it's lay outs, and haven't ever found a site equaling that ever since! I mean, if fanlib were still going the way it was, then there would be a lot of new members who would be a whole lot better at writing than before hand. When I started out, I was terrible at writing! With the help of other members though, I was able to improve so much! Fanlib was also a site where the members were friendlier than most sites. On, not so much for the many members…
    The layouts on fanlib were also superb compaired to other site templates, most likely because it was a whole company doing this stuff. This site was up for less than two years before they abandoned the project, ruining hundreds of people's favorite past time activity including mine.
    What was even worse about all this, was that I was only able to save 2 out of 51 submissions before they closed down! I lost months worth of work, and I'm sure others did to. They could have atleast waited till after summer vacation time where most members were away from their computers. For me, I was on the other side of the country! There was no way I could bring the downloadable file back with me.
    I really think it's a big loose that fanlib left buisness… Or if Disney puts it back up and changes a lot of rules and ways. (Which if they do put it back up, THEY WILL. That's a guarantee!)

  2. pinkdevil012

    this is not fair to the members of fanlib!!!! why fanlib is deciding to hand over the site to disney??? what disney really want from this site??? selling out the site,not even reconsidering tthe people who made it grow over those days and everything and don't realize how much the damage that the wrong hands would do.

  3. Fanlib why would you do something stupid like that this isn't cool i am a member and everyone on your site writes good stories so why would you do that if my stories get deleted i'm leaving and never come back i don't even like Disney so let me tell you this fanlib you made a big mistake selling out like that >_< the word MAD!!!! IS MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  4. musicismylife13

    ok, now this is just annoying. Disney has made some BAD choices this year. if any of you knew of VMK they closed that down. I sincerly hope disney makes a good choice with this, or they will be hearing from ME!!!!
    and yes inusora3 we are kinda scary ^-^ they better know what they're doing. cuz now im mad MAD MAD MAD!!!! grrrrrs

  5. Inusora3

    THEY DID!!!!!!
    disney i hope you know what you are doing because you just mad A WHOLE FREAKING LOT OF ANIME AND OTHER FANS ANGRY!
    and you dont want that to happen, believe me when i say that we are a scary group of people
    ***this is in no way a threat***

  6. shibalover

    hi anna-wa! i am also against Disney buying Fanlib! i was thinking the same thing about all non-Disney fandoms being deleted and if that was to happen, i would most likely leave fanlib

  7. anna-wa

    What?! Has FanLib agreed to doing this?! I hope not. I'm a member of FanLib and I sure hope they don't. This could mean all non-Disney fandoms being deleted. Don't agree to it FanLib, don't! :( >(