Azuki Systems Comes Out Of Stealth To Launch Mobile TV Snackable Bites


Azuki Systems is unveiling today a mobile media platform that categorizes and breaks-up small bits of mobile TV that the company’s founders believe will be more popular than the current status quo of offering live or streaming mobile TV. The Action, Mass.-based company, which has raised $6.6 million in venture capital, has been working in stealth mode under the name of Peermeta for the last six months or so. In addition, today the company is announcing a partnership with WheelsTV, which provides car reviews and other content about automobiles online. WheelsTV will be using it to launch a mobile offering. John Tremblay, the company’s co-founder and VP of marketing, said it’s hard to find and navigate content on smartphones and feature phones. If there’s a five minute-long clip, perhaps there are only 30 seconds that are relevant to you, but it would be difficult to ever find it. “The need to have to browse and find everything is hard to do on a phone. Personalization has to be more than changing a ringtone and wallpaper on the phone. This is a new level of content relevancy,” he said.

The platform relies on metadata behind the video to split it up into smaller chunks. In a demo of the WheelsTV mobile service, you can see a car review that might be several-minutes long, but in a slideshow-like format. That way, a user could see a tile of the car’s navigation system that might be of more interest than everything else, and skip to that section. The user can then comment on that video segment, or send it via SMS, or through social networks, like Facebook. Tremblay said that’s providing a social and viral aspect to video that hasn’t been there yet, as well. Azuki is trying to set up many partnerships with various content owners, including Web portals, and establishing a revenue-sharing agreement with mobile advertising playing a role.

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