AT&T’s Top Selling App Is MobiTV; Tetris Still Dominates Games


AT&T (NYSE: T), the largest U.S. wireless carrier, released its top 10 selling applications and games during the first quarter and Jupiter analyst Julie Ask has the results. On her blog, Ask writes that the top 10 applications validates what they’ve been forecasting for some time — a coming shift away from personalization applications towards entertainment and utility. However, the biggest surprise is likely that the transformation has yet to take hold in the mobile games category. Simple games, like Tetris and Bejeweled, still dominate the top.

Top Selling Apps in Q1:

1. MobiTV
2. XM (NSDQ: XMSR) Radio
3. MySpace Mobile
4. MobiRadio
5. MusicID
6. My-Cast Weather
7. The Weather Channel
8. ToneMaker
9. eBay
10. Billboard Mobile Channel

Top Selling Games in Q1:

1. Tetris
2. Bejeweled
3. PAC-MAN by Namco
4. Wheel of Fortune 2007
5. Diner Dash
6. Midnight Pool
7. Ms.PAC-MAN by Namco
8. World Poker Tour – Texas Hold


Mobile Gamer

Tetris and PAC-MAN, certicified classics and still are the most preferred games these days. It even beat Guitar Hero!


Mobi and Tetris have been preloaded on every device ATT has shipped for the past 3+ years, so this data does not describe consumer demand, but how well both products have been marketed.


Correction: Sprint TV is sold at point of sale. MobiTV is sold primarily through preloads and AT&T;Mall purchases on AT&T;. Note that this list is specific to AT&T;only.


This data is USELESS without download numbers or subscription numbers or active user numbers. MobiTV was sold at the point of sale to millions of users. I wonder how many of them still know they're paying for mobitv?


I think that three of the top 4 applications sold on AT&T;are all MobiTV products (MobiTV, XM Radio Mobile and MobiRadio). Those guys must be in pretty deep with AT&T;…..

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