Pocket Tunes arrives for Windows Mobile handhelds


Ir_playingPocket Tunes, arguably one of the best digital audio player applications for the Palm OS, is now available for Windows Mobile devices. Pocket Tunes 4.1 is supported on both Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but only a handful of handsets have actually been tested with it. You’ll have to pay $37.95 to dump WMP in favor of Pocket Tunes, but you’ll get a ton of extra functions like synching your iTunes library easily with Pocket Tunes Sync for iTunes function. There’s hundreds of Internet radio stations included, crossfade and equalizer functions, album art support and AAC/aacPlus playback in addition to WMA and MP3… sorry, no Ogg-Vorbis just yet. Windows Mobile owners also get native support for controlling music playback via a Bluetooth headset, something that requires an add-on purchase for Palm OS folks.Give it a free trial download if you’re not sold on all the positive feedback Palm OS folks have offered this title over the years. Or you can hit up PocketNow’s review to see if they feel it’s worthy for Windows Mobile.

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