MTV Goes for Viral Gold With Iron Man

After seeing Britney’s comeback fiasco turn into server-melting gold, MTV intentionally created a viral clip for its Movie Awards last night, with surprisingly funny results. In it, Ben Stiller tries to corral Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. into making a viral video to pimp their upcoming movie Tropic Thunder (while simultaneously schilling for Iron Man and Black’s Kung-Fu Panda).

The clip has Stiller “shooting” with a phone camera as he tries to impress his apathetic teenage nephew. And just like Stiller, MTV is trying to shake its fuddy-duddy image by creating a web-friendly video that the kids can actually embed. Although it looks like I spoke too soon; the embed isn’t working properly. The play button in the timeline isn’t loading the clip and if you click in the screen, you get whisked away to Sigh. So close, MTV. (I’ve put a YouTube version after the jump, but don’t tell Sumner Redstone.)

The video’s a perfect candidate for Liz Miller’s “Will it Spread” feature, since it’s packed with star power, laughs and was created with the sole intention of being passed around. Mission accomplished.

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