HP consumer PCs coming with Silverlight Windows Live Toolbar in 2009

WindowslivetoolbarIn the market for a new HP consumer PC? Hope you either a) like the Windows Live Search toolbar or b) don’t mind removing programs on day one of computer ownership. Microsoft just announced a deal with HP that will put a custom Windows Live Search toolbar on all HP consumer PCs sold in the U.S and Canada beginning in 2009. The new toolbar will be Silverlight-based and offer shortcuts to various HP services like Snapfish and HP customer support.I fully understand the marketing approach of any bundled toolbar or service, but truth be told, I’m all for selling a plain-jane system that lets me customize after set-up. Sure you can still do that under the deal above, but it diminishes the customer experience by causing extra work to remove what you didn’t want in the first place. My advice from March still stands: make superb software that users WANT to install. Forcing software, services and toolbars down someone’s throat leaves a bad taste in their mouth.


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