Dynamism opens live beta site


Dyna_logo1No, you can’t beta the latest imported gadget directly through the web yet, but I’m sure folks are working on that. Dynamism, sure to be bookmarked by gadget lover’s a-plenty, has a site redesign that’s in beta, but open for business. There’s a link to the new site at the top left of the current store-front, or you can click here.In just ten seconds, I was liking the site refresh better than the old one. Better layout, design and overall experience. I know that Dynamism has always had an RSS / XML feed for their store, but now the feed is clearly marked “New Product Feed” instead of “XML”. It’s the little things in life… By the way: weren’t we just chatting up the many different product categories of mobile devices? You’ll see just three Notebook classes at Dynamism: Ultralight, Performance, UMPC/Handheld. There’s that “ultra-” moniker again. ;)(via Dave Zatz)

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