illustrates that web apps aren’t a Flash in the pan

AdobebuzzwordbetaBig news today out of Adobe with their launch. It’s a suite of online tools based around Adobe Flash & Flex that offers a word processor, web conference function, file sharing and up to 5 GB of file storage for free. As a daily user of Google Docs, I immediately hit up Buzzword, the word processor. I came away very impressed right off the bat as I tried to import a .docx file created in Microsoft Word that I can’t import on Google Docs. It worked perfectly and I was able to view and edit as if I were in Word. The export support looks fantastic as well: PDF, .doc, .docx, RTF, .txt and HTML zipped. Sure it doesn’t offer 80% of the bells, whistles and tools included in my copy of Office Ultimate, but most consumers don’t need those to begin with.I haven’t tried the other features yet, but hope to do so this afternoon. James and I often collaborate on documents so this gives us another avenue of options. In the words of Hans and Franz, “Hear me now unt believe me later…This is where we’re heading with mobile devices and productivity. The days of bulky client apps are slowly coming to a close and the browser essentially IS the operating system. We’ve still got years of client revisions ahead of us, but I gather that within 5 to 7 years, more consumers will use web applications than client apps. That works out pretty nicely with all of the efficient, but adequately powered mobile devices and platforms arriving on the scene right now, no?Update: the more I play with Buzzword, the more impressed I get. Although not feature-rich, it seems to have all of the features I need: word count at the bottom right, spellcheck, history timeline, ability to add comments, a “synchronator” button to take control and save edits while collaborating and more. Well worth the look if you have time… and I haven’t even hit up the other apps in the suite, yet!


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