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A Look at TruPhone Anywhere for International Callling

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Truphone logoWhen traveling abroad, making calls back home or otherwise can get very expensive, as alluded to in a previous post. With an unlocked GSM mobile phone, you can use the Orange service as discussed in the aforementioned link, or any other pre-paid GSM provider.  However, what if you could combine the convenience of a mobile phone with the low-cost calling of a VoIP company.

A mobile VoIP company called Truphone is attempting to make international calling very inexpensive for travelers and other users of their service.  Truphone is a program that runs on your Wi-Fi enabled mobile handset used the Internet to cheaply send and receive phone calls, much like to Skype on your PC.  Truphone allows for cheap calling from your mobile phone when signed onto Truphone via Wi-Fi.


Truphone Anywhere is a new feature of the 4.0 version of their software.  When you are out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use Truphone Anywhere to take advantage of Truphone’s inexpensive international calling rates.  To use the Truphone Anywhere service, dial an international number.  TruPhone will use a call-through mode by using a domestic phone number as a bridge.

Truphone will first see if there is Wi-FI available and if so, will route the call accordingly.  Otherwise, the handset calls your local Truphone gateway (depending on which country you’re in currently) and passes the dialed number for connection to the internet via the local gateway.

TruPhone Anywhere works in many countries including most of Europe, North America, and some Asian countries.  For the full list, consult Truphone’s website.

5 Responses to “A Look at TruPhone Anywhere for International Callling”

  1. charlie

    Truphone, with its “ten of thousands” of users of Nokia E and N series phones, is staking out the international roaming market. But that is a very small market — mostly European — and they are really limiting themselves. We’ll see what happens when their iphone client is released.