Utah Teen Courts Apple with Multi-Touch Display


“Multi-touch is the future. The mouse and the keyboard has had too long of a reign, it’s time to de-thrown them,” says Bridger Maxwell, a 17-year old from Orem, Utah, who took 4th place in a national science fair for creating a multi-touch display. Apple has already “expressed interest in” him being an intern next year. The company that created the software for “Minorty Report” has also contacted him.

Instead of the unbelievably expensive Surface by Microsoft, this multi-touch computer only cost Maxwell $400! You can see documentation of his build and more information at his blog.

The application he created is called Corkboard; it allows you to look at, rotate, and zoom comics. The source code has just been released here on Google Code.

This is a pretty amazing computer that looks great for only costing $400. Go here to watch the news story in Real Audio format, and see it in action.

Perhaps he will help design the Mac Tablet that Steve Jobs said would never happen.




It’s about time!!! Get rid of the mouse and keyboard. I have never been an apple fan up until now. If apple produces a multi touch PC with capibilities similar to their I-phone, I’m in. I’m willing to pay twice the retail for it as well. I’m an engineer, if I could pick up the screen and set it on my desk, then do CAD drafting by multi-touch rotation, sketching, and features, I would be in heaven.


I’m not sure I WANT to have fingerprints and smudges all over my screen all the time.

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