Tip: check the HP Clearance Center for great notebook, Tablet PC deals


HplogoThomas wrote in last night to share the killer deal he got on an HP 2710p Tablet PC from the HP Clearance Center. I don’t have the specs of the unit he bought, but he mentioned it was configured similar to the one that James bought and it cost him $1,125 with Windows XP Tablet Edition. Interestingly, not all of the clearance items appear to be refurbished units: items like the one Thomas bought were customer configured orders that were simply returned. If you dig in the FAQs of the page, you’ll see that these returned custom order units have a 6-3-4 designation in the part number.Three days ago, all of the available items were posted on SlickDeals.net and there were a ton of choices. Today, I only see a single, lonely HP 2710p waiting to find a home for $699. If nothing else, I’d consider bookmarking the HP Clearance Center page and checking back often. You might score a great deal like Thomas did!


Thomas R. Hall


Sorry for my email being a bit unclear. The SlickDeals post linked to the Clearance portion of the HP Refurbished Business Products site, which indeed only has one 2710p.

However, they also have Refurbished deals as well (detailed in the second post in the SlickDeals link), which has all of the other items. Currently, I still see several (15+) different configurations on that site. The list changes daily, I believe.

The item I got was part number 434567R-999-BY4Y, which has the following specs:

HP 2710p XPT Duo2 U7600 1.2GHz 80GB 2GB 12WXGA WLAN BT Cam Rmkt Tblt PC

As you noted, since this has a 6-3-4 part number, it was a returned built-to-order item, rather than a true refurbished item.

Clearance Site: http://h71016.www7.hp.com/html/hpremarketing/clearance.asp?jumpid=re_R295_store/buspurchase-refurbished/all/price-list

Refurbished Site: http://h71016.www7.hp.com/html/hpremarketing/daily.asp?jumpid=re_R295_store/buspurchase-refurbished/all/price-list


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