This is a first and I’ll be skipping any Starbucks runs today



Not a mobile tech “first”, but a personal one. I’ve lived in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas all my life and I’ve never seen what I’m seeing now. I was hitting to see when it’s going to rain today as I have to fertilize the lawn. The rain started falling just as my browser opened (go figure) and I was about to close it without looking. Then I saw something I’ve NEVER seen before in this area: a tornado watch until 5pm today. I realize that tornados are somewhat common in other parts of the country, but not so much here. Looks like I’ll be staying in today… maybe that basement refinishing project I’ve been putting off could use some of my time. ;)



Here in the uk we get more tornadoes than i first thought. I remember from school that our geography teacher commented on the fact we get quite a few tornadoes but most are out at sea and on the coast. I decided to do a quick google just to make sure i wasn’t typing nonsance here and hit the bbc page about a reported tornadoe last year (september 2007, which was a big deal cause they’re thought to be rare on land). It turns out that we get around 33 reported every year. I was under the impression that it was less than 10. It may not be anywhere near what you folks accross the sea get but i certainly believe that the uk weather is more volitile than most currently think.


I live in New Jersey getting a windshield repair done. A guy comes out and was like, you guys better hurry a tornado is coming. I’m like huh what, crazy guy, tornado in these parts? Crazy crazy guy.

Once I got into the house, it was in the news and was like, well there goes my windshield replacement. :)


What with global warming and stuff going on, you never know what the weather will come up with next. Park those SUV’s people. :p


We are down in Dover which also has the same watch in effect. The wifes company gave us sky box tickets for nascar race at doverdowns. Looks like the race may have a bit of a rain delay. Atleast the food and beer are free.


I’m in Lancaster (look to the west on the map above) and we get several watches and a couple of warnings every year. I managed to record a funnel cloud using my phone a couple of years ago as it passed about 1/2 mile from my house. We have the same warning…went up about 11 this morning and good until 5pm. We had a ton of rain a couple of hours ago but not much lightening or wind.


I live in Iowa. We deal with this junk all the time.

There’s no reason to hold up in your house over a “Watch”. Just pay attention to the weather reports. A “Warning” is when you hit the basement.

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