New mouse- Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse


I have been using a good portable wireless mouse for a long time.  The ThinkOutside Bluetooth Travel Mouse has been a good workhorse for me but more and more recently I have been thinking of replacing it.  While it’s nice to have a wireless Bluetooth mouse since I use so many different mobile devices it’s quite a pain to have to re-pair the mouse all the time when I switch gadgets.  It slows me down to be sure.  I also have been thinking that it would be good to have a mouse that was thinner since I use so many thin gadget bags with narrow pockets and the ThinkOutside, while small, is too thick to fit in a lot of these pockets.  The MoGo mouse I use fits the thin test but I still have the Bluetooth pairing problem.


Today I was in the local Circuit City and thought about my mouse dilemma and figured I’d check out what’s available today since I haven’t checked for a good while.  One mouse in particular caught my eye, the Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse.  The Slimblade is small and more importantly very thin so it will stow pretty much anywhere I need to put it.  It runs on two AAA batteries with a quoted life of 6 months which is pretty darn good.  It’s not a Bluetooth mouse, rather it used a little USB wireless dongle that stores inside the mouse for transport.  When the dongle is stowed it turns off the mouse to save battery which is pretty cool.

I plugged in the mouse to the Lenovo U110 and it was recognized immediately and works very well.  It’s responsive and fits well in the hand and no driver installation was required.  Now the Slimblade also works as a Presenter control which requires a utility installation but I really don’t need that so I probably won’t install it right away.  Right now I’m just using it as a standard mouse and it’s cool that I can easily move it from device to device with no hassles and no mess.  The USB dongle is less than an inch long so it’s like it’s not even there.  I am happy with the purchase so far and I’ll report back if that changes.



Personally I’m a huge fan of the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000. The advantage is that it can be both used as a BT device, as well as with a 2.4 GHz dongle like the Kensington above.


Picked up the Kensington Slimblade Trackball Media mouse (the maroon one) from Circuit City a few months ago. I too purchased the Slimblade to replace my MoGo. I only used the MoGo with my Fuji 4220 & U810 and every time I switched between the two devices I needed to re-pair the mouse (bit of a pain). The trackball on the Slimblade is fantastic with the U810 for net browsing and spreadsheets. The media keys on the underside are great but I wish I could get them to work with other media players besides WMP(like VLC player & foxytunes). In short: I personally recommend the Slimblade trackball mouse over the MoGo.


I just purchased the VX Nano the other day via pricegrabber. I do work with spreadsheets so the freespinning scroll will be nice. I looked around for a better price compromise but the typically long usb receiver(ahem Microsoft) were disagreeable to me. I’m glad my suspicions of bluetooth were confirmed.
I missed the Kensington though on my last trip to CC, I should just be satisfied with my purchase I guess.

Terry Jones, Newton Peripherals

Count me as one that is perplexed by the pairing issue with the MOGo mouse. Perhaps it it the fact that you reveiw so many different items that you need to be connecting the MoGo to so many devices. Bluetooth is great due to the sheer number of wires and dongles it eliminates.

In ‘real life’ when you have one computer that you carry with you everywhere; having the mouse store in the card slot is the way to go. I can’t imagine wanting to have extra parts sticking out waiting to break your usb ports when you forget to take them out. Newton Peripherals now has a low profile Bluetooth adapter that can stay in the USB port due to patent pending shape that protects the connector.

A MoGo mouse is a loyal friend. No batteries to replace, ‘bonded’ to your laptop and ready to go with nothing to forget or lose in your bag. It now has full presenter capabilities as well.

Thanks for testing new stuff and sharing your opinions, just remember the perspective of the ‘regular user’ who has one computer and is trying desperately to reduce the amount of stuff that has to be packed, maintained and carried in order to stay productive on the go.

Kevin C. Tofel

I typically don’t use a BT mouse when I’m out and about, which is why I asked about pairing with multiple devices. Still, I don’t remember re-pairing before and I’ve used my Apple BT mouse with my MBP and my Q1UP. Tonight I used it on the deck with the Q1UP, then shut the device down. Now I’m in my office using the MBP with the same mouse… no re-pair. It did take about 60 seconds before the MBP realized the mouse had come home, but it works just fine. Odd…


Just received an email from with the following info:

Kensington Wireless SlimBlade Presenter Mouse
Once again, offers the Kensington Wireless SlimBlade Presenter Mouse, model no 72283, for $49.99. Mail-in rebates of $20 and $10 chop the net price to $19.99. With free shipping, that’s tied with our March mention as the lowest total price we’ve seen. Sales tax is added where applicable. Features include 4-way tilt scroll, sleep mode, battery indicator light, and USB receiver storage in the mouse. Deal ends June 7.

Looks like trying to keep up with James at least became a bit cheaper.


I prefer bluetooth mouse. I agree the re-pairing is painful, and that’s why I got bluetooth mice for each of my three laptops. I have MS 5000, Logitech V270, and Thinkoutside one and among three I like the MS one most. The biggest advantage of bluetooth mouse for mobile devices is it saves a precious USB port.

Genghis Khent

James, you are going to bankrupt me. But at least I will have a lot of gadgets to keep me company in the poor house. Seriously, I went out and bought this mouse. It is very nice. I posted a brief review on my blog, paying homage to you of course :-)

Steve Rowlands

I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers a wireless mouse over a BT one. I’ve only got a base-spec Logitech one, but it works like a dream, and has never let me down.

Ricky B.

Something about it, I think the flatness and blue color, reminded me of Sony’s mouse-phone (this thing: )… and that made me want one of these that combined a slim mouse with 3g radio modem. Surely it’s possible, right? That’s the killer combination that might draw me away from bluetooth mice (and bluetooth DUN). :)


Is it just me, or did other people get thrown off by “repair” (vs. re-pair)? For a minute, I thought “what the heck is JK doing that he’s constantly in need of fixing it.”

Anyway, having never really used a BT mouse, it’s good to know that BT mice are so closely “attached” to their device. I think I’ll stick with non-BT mice; the little dongle doesn’t really bother me. Also allows me to flick the “off” switch for the radios when I am on EVDO to conserve a few minutes of battery life, I guess.

James Kendrick

I will be doing a little video of the Slimblade, hopefully tomorrow to show it off. The way the USB dongle pops into the mouse for storage is cool as there is a button which ejects it when you want to remove it. It’s a mouse that’s actually fun to use. :)

James Kendrick

Kevin, BT mice can only be paired with one device at a time. Once I switch to another device I then have to repair them to switch back which is a pain. On Vista I actually have to tell them to Add a new BT device to get to repair as there are no options to just repair. It reinstalls the HID drivers every single time as a result which is just plain silly.

James Kendrick

Mike, I just got it today and have been busy. I don’t think it will work with WM though as there are no drivers.

Mike Cane

Kendrick, what are you doing slacking?!!? You know I’ll want a totable mouse for my e900 or MSI Wind! Why haven’t you yet put up a video showing this thing working with the Lenovo AND HTC Advantage?!



What are the dimensions of the Kensington mouse? How big/small is it?

Kevin C. Tofel

Why does the MoGo have to be re-paired with devices? Shouldn’t it stay as a recognized but unconnected mouse until you start to use it with whichever computer you’re using?


According to the Kensington manual, the presenter mouse also works with OS X — added value for those of us where the novelty has waned from friction cleaning the track ball on the Mighty Mouse!

I suspect based on previous experience with a Logitech micro-USB transmitter and VX Nano laser mouse, that the Kensington Presenter mouse is a simple plug and play Mac OS X solution. In my case, no additional vendor software was installed for functionality.

The low power draw of these micro-USB transmitters allows them to work in the Apple aluminum keyboard USB ports, and their minimal size streamlines access to adjacent laptop USB ports.

It would appear that the Kensington Presenter mouse is a most pragmatic purchase for its design functionality and low profile portability benefit. It will be my next mouse purchase.


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