Earth2Tech Week in Review


It was a short week with the holiday but that didn’t stop VCs from dolling out the dough and entrepreneurs from making new laboratory proclamations. If you were too busy cleaning out the barbecue we’ve got all the important headlines here from this week in cleantech.

Sopogy Scores $9M Funding from Omidyar, Hawaiian Investors: The small-scale solar thermal startup has officially closed a $9.1 million round of funding which included money from the investment vehicle of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Ohana Holdings.

Biofuel Buzz Term: “Verified Sustainable”: Sekab claims they are the first to make a “verified sustainable” ethanol that conforms to environmental and social requirements.

Sapphire Squeezes High Octane Gas from Algae: This startup is skipping the whole biofuel debate by making petrochemical equivalents from algae, including 91 octane gasoline.

Major League Solar: Baseball Goes Green: America’s favorite past time is looking a little greener as more and more baseball parks add solar panels to help power the jumbo-tron.

Blacklight Powers Up, Disses Quantum Physics: This controversial startup claims they’ve created a hydrogen-based power source that makes electricity for a penny a kilowatt. The only problem is they say quantum physics is all wrong.

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