Vid-Biz: Comcast, Turner, Net Neutrality

Comcast Hack Not Related to BitTorrent; two guys who took over the cable company’s homepage were just mad at the company, got in over their heads. (Threat Level)

Turner to Air Two-Minute Show-mercials; Commuter Confidential will be a Revlon and microseries that will tell a story in an attempt to keep viewers from fast-forwarding the ads. (The Wall Street Journal)

Net Neutrality Bill Introduced in Canada; bill is a reaction to Bell Canada and Rogers throttling Internet traffic. (CBC)

DIC and Vivendi Partner for Digital and Mobile Distribution; library of 3,000 episodes of half-hour kids programming like Inspector Gadget to be made available. (MediaWeek)

SAG and AMPTP Back at the Bargaining Table; actors under pressure now that three other unions all accepted similar deals. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Axel Springer and Philips Create Global Personal TV System; allows users to create personalized channels through their TV’s programming guide. (Variety)