Pingie SMS service adds weather, traffic, links


PingieAs more folks move to 3G-enabled handhelds, it’s easy to overlook the use of SMS for getting quick and timely information. We covered Pingie a few months back because it fits in this niche: using Pingie you can get RSS feeds sent to your phone over SMS. Dan (who also runs UNEASYsilence) hasn’t stopped there with Pingie. He’s added some great services that come in handy if you have an unlimited text messaging plan. With a single text request to Pingie, you can have weather or traffic conditions for a particular zip-code sent to you. Even better, Pingie will remember that zip code for future requests to save you some extra key-presses. The RSS feeds now get links that will open up in your mobile browser as well: tap the links for stories you’re interested in, skip ’em if you’re not.

All of the deets of the free Pingie services are right here if you’re interested. While Pingie doesn’t charge for any of these services, I’ll again mention that your carrier will charge you per message, so you’ll want to be cautious without an unlimited message plan.

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