Optimize Your Efficiency with 4 Time-Tracking Apps

Many web workers work on numerous projects simultaneously, and some serve various masters. If these descriptions fit you, consider looking into some of the free time-tracking applications available online. These can give you much more perspective on how you are actually spending your time, and allow you to keep records of the time you’re spending on this task or that.

My favorite of the free, online time-tracking applications is 88miles. The free version of it lets you set up projects and record the time you’re putting in on them. You can also generate many kinds of reports.

If you work on many projects at once and do so on a mobile basis, look into myHours. This free application lets you use your cell phone or PDA to track time with a version called myHours Mobile.

If you want your time-tracking application to be online and on-demand, consider Sidejobtrack. It not only lets you track your time from anywhere you can access a browser, but it has invoicing, reporting and project management features.

Finally, sometimes you want to track your time for business purposes such as billable hours, but it can be eye-opening to track your time purely for your own purposes. I’ve written before about a Firefox extension that I like called MeeTimer. It sits in your Firefox tray, and observes what you do with your online time, using categories such as Procrastination, Search and more to be specific. This is a good way to give yourself a bracing slap if you start procrastinating or surfing for fun.

No fun! Have a good weekend.

Do you know of any good time-tracking apps?


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