Now Microsoft Warning Apple of Security Leaks?

In the last week, two major flaws have been reported, one in downloading .ICS (iCal) files, and one in Safari’s carpet-bombing problems. Now, Microsoft is reportedly getting in on the warnings to Apple.

Basically, Tim Rains, Microsoft’s security guy, says that “Safari…cannot be configured to obtain the user’s permission before it downloads a resource.” That means that some hacker could create a website that would automatically download and “litter the user’s desktop” with boatloads of files. Microsoft is taking the role of bigger brother and saying, “Do not follow our lead!”

This is all, of course, in response to Apple’s pushing of Safari on Windows iTunes’ users. Naturally, Microsoft does not like other companies that try to take or steal market share away from Internet Explorer, the world’s safest browser.

[Via InformationWeek]