MobileTechRoundup 135: thoughts on the cheap, sub-notebook market


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INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1? by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.
HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)
Say hello to the Nano. From VIA, not Apple.Dell’s Mini Inspirion and Acer’s Aspire One pop up.Thoughts on the sub-notebook market: pricing and reasons for market growth.Matt’s Nokia N95-3 has a firmware upgrade but he still likes the N82 as well.Rumored specs on the Palm 850 and Nokia N71.

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I work for HP presales in Boise.

People call, and Email us with questions about HP products.

Without question the HP 2133 Mini-Note is BY FAR the product that has stirred the most excitement in our customers during my time working here. We get TONS of inquiries about it.

People cant even find it (why this is maketed on our Business site alone I will never understand) and they want it.

This segment is on the verge of exploding in my opinion.

I believe that small and cheap is the future of truly “personal” computing.

It make the idea of a computer for everybody in a family of four a reality.

One big shared desktop, and each member has a cheap portable.

And this is the inroad that Linux needs to get a real foothold in the consumer market.


Great podcast. I agree all on areas except the N95 productivity discussion, can you list those 45 apps? I’m curious. Cant wait till the Windows 7 discussion.

I agree on the mentality that there is a market out there, not for everyone. Its for those students, people who only use word and internet, and those new to computers.(There are still those out there, trust me) This will appeal to this market beause I dont need to spend close to 1000 dollars on a great computer for my needs, and it looks like a regular computer. I think it will be a big year for the “netbook”.

The problem is that the prices are a little high for what you are getting. But there are those like me that will pay for a notebook that is underpowered, that is half the weight of a 5-7 pound noetbook, with excellent battery life.

The reason: We barely use the processor, hard-drive, and CD-ROM drive to its full extent because google docs, youtube and internet radio satisfy my needs. I just cant stand carrying a notebook that is 5 pounds, plus books to just type and research.

I might use Visio or One Note but I doubt it will bog down my computer like Photoshop.

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