Is Prince a Creep on YouTube?

Prince is once again battling the YouTube masses over videos from a recent performance being posted online — only this time the copyright question is a little more complex. During the recent Coachella music festival, the Purple One covered Radiohead’s Creep (ed. note: awesome). Stoked fans shot footage and posted it. Now, according to The Huffington Post, Prince is aggressively sending out takedown notices — even though he doesn’t own the rights to the song.

Though both acts are pioneers in music distribution, when it comes to online video, so far they’ve taken markedly different approaches. Prince set his sites on YouTube back in September when he announced plans to sue the video-sharing site for not filtering out unauthorized content. Radiohead, on the other hand, has their own channel on YouTube, did a special performance for, and even worked UGC animation site AniBoom to create a video.

During a recent interview, when Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke learned of Prince’s takedowns, he was quoted as saying, “Well, tell him to unblock it. It’s our…song.”

Psst, don’t tell Prince, but you can still find copies of the performance on YouTube.


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