I still think we’ll see .Mac (or Mobile Me) for PCs

Mwsfdotmac_2Since all the web’s a-buzz over the expected .Mac re-brand to Mobile Me, I thought it was good time to resurrect my thought from two months ago: I’m still expecting to see a .Mac service for PC users. The anticipated revamp just might be it.

Let’s face it, at this point there are plenty of Windows PC owners that a) own an iPhone, 2) use Safari for their browser [but never admit it publicly] or c) now live in a bi-computing household, i.e.: there’s a Hatfield and McCoy PC and Mac under the same roof.

With .Mac offerings that work across all of the mobile devices I just mentioned, this lets Cupertino sway even more long-time PC owners to switch to a Mac. After all, if you can store and sync bookmarks, files, web preferences, photos and more between PCs and Macs, isn’t that one less barrier for a potential switcher to overcome? In one fell swoop, Apple can interrupt the momentum of Live Mesh, SkyDrive, FolderShare and more Microsoft efforts.

OK, it’s a bit of a stretch or leap, but I’m going to put it out there anyway. Thoughts?

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