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Check Mac Warranty (AppleCare) with Serial Number

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My work is a Mac shop. Everyone has a Mac, some people even have two (desktop and laptop). Anyway, I recently decided to do an inventory to see what we had and what was/was not under warranty.

I started by making a Google docs spreadsheet and named it “Office Macs.” (Creative…I know). I then went around to each workstation and recorded the the type of mac, admin username & password, the OS version, GHZ, RAM, and serial number:

  1. Click the apple in the finder bar
  2. Click “About this Mac” (that will pop up a smaller window that tells you: OS Version, processor, Memory)
  3. Click “More Info” (that will pop up another window, which you can get the serial number from)
  4. Record all of this information in your Google doc

After you have all your info, you can go to this link, where all you do is input your serial number and country, and then click continue. After a few seconds you will be shown the type of Mac and the type of warranty on it. Have fun!

13 Responses to “Check Mac Warranty (AppleCare) with Serial Number”

  1. hi
    i bougth iphone 3Gs from ebay, and the seller told me the warrnty is to November 2011, but when i check in the site the msg shown is:
    We’re sorry, but this is a serial number for a product that has been replaced. Please check your information and re-enter your serial number. If your information is correct, you may need to contact us.
    Finding your serial number is easy. See how.

    please help

  2. mike villarreal

    hi jenny,,
    i just got a mac book pro,
    it’s used,, how can i know what was the original status (rams, HDrive, etc) when the original owner got this macbook?
    I have the serial number,,, it helps?

    i want to know details about this mac (this is my first mac)

    thanks,, i am going to be waiting for your help,

  3. I would like to know if I can upgrade the OS in my Power Mac G4 466mhz model M5183? If so what OS can I use? What modifications are needed?

    Thanks in advance
    Dr C

  4. I would highly recommend not taking this service as gospel. My warranty info on the Apple website said my 12 month period ended on April 16 2009. When my AppleCare Agreement code was not accepted and I disputed, I was told that I had purchased my laptop on March 2 the year previously, the day before I put a downpayment on my machine which subsequently took several more weeks to arrive.

    Be warned.

  5. Dave from 'merca

    Philip from Australia – the lack of a serial number is simple: when your board was replaced, the tech didn’t run the simple application from apple, which burns in the correct serial# into your logic board.

    • Philip, that is now how it works. If the systemboard is replaced, it comes with a new serial number sticker. In the case of the Macbook Pro, you simply place the new serial number sticker (and ethernet MAC adress sticker) over the current stickers.

      • Former Apple Tech

        Phillip is correct. Apple Service Technicians must both write the serial number to the new logic board and affix a MAC address sticker to the unit.

        The serial number of the unit never changes, otherwise they would not be able to track the unit and warranty status. Brian is incorrect.

  6. Philip from Australia

    For some reason I cannot get the serial numbers this way. This occurred after my system board was replaced. I was on a call to Apple about a different issues a while ago, and they were not surprised.

    In the case of a Mac Book Pro, the serial number is under the battery. Then follow the above instructions to look it up.


  7. Andy Moran

    You can save yourself some gathering information time with ssh and system_profiler command line tool. For example, to get the Serial number:

    system_profiler | grep “Serial Number” | head -1

    You could write a script that ssh’es to each box, and uses system_profiler to record the OS version, processor, and memory.

    At my last job, we had a database of all the machines in house. We used scripts to gather information and update the database if the records were different.