Check Mac Warranty (AppleCare) with Serial Number

My work is a Mac shop. Everyone has a Mac, some people even have two (desktop and laptop). Anyway, I recently decided to do an inventory to see what we had and what was/was not under warranty.

I started by making a Google docs spreadsheet and named it “Office Macs.” (Creative…I know). I then went around to each workstation and recorded the the type of mac, admin username & password, the OS version, GHZ, RAM, and serial number:

  1. Click the apple in the finder bar
  2. Click “About this Mac” (that will pop up a smaller window that tells you: OS Version, processor, Memory)
  3. Click “More Info” (that will pop up another window, which you can get the serial number from)
  4. Record all of this information in your Google doc

After you have all your info, you can go to this link, where all you do is input your serial number and country, and then click continue. After a few seconds you will be shown the type of Mac and the type of warranty on it. Have fun!


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