Back-to-School Specials and AppleCare

Image via AppleInsider

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple’s yearly back-to-school buy a Mac and get an iPod special may be starting early this year, and may be extra special. Speculation puts the price point at about a $199 mail-in rebate. It would be nice if the rebate were enough for an iPod Touch or even an AppleTV. Of course, you do have to buy an iPod and that adds to the total cost with the hope of “free money” later.

The idea of adding cost to an already expensive product begs the question about adding AppleCare to your computer/iPod purchases. After hearing some horror stories about AppleCare, I am seriously debating getting it when I purchase my iMac later this year. Though, I know there is some good anecdotal evidence as well. What are your experiences? Feel free to link to blogs with testimonials.


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