Pass Out The Cigars, Buys CelebrityBabyBlog


imageApparently SheKnows hasn’t bought every site covering the offspring of the rich and famous…. Time Inc.’s has dove into the acquisition baby boom over stars’ spawn sites by buying CelebrityBabyBlog. In a post on its blog, CBB says not much will change in terms of its interviews and product reviews. But with Time Inc.’s backing, it hopes to begin creating photo galleries and running sweepstakes. Mediaweek adds that CBB will remain standalone for now, but should be integrated within over the next few weeks. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Rafat adds: is also looking at adding more such smaller sites in its arsenal, and evaluating a few more acquisitions, we have learned through sources. Meanwhile, also read this perspective from Techcrunch on how FM lost another big blog in its network with this deal…certainly the turnover is low and rare, as these buyouts are exceptions rather than the norm. Also, FM is in the market to buy some of the blogs too, our sources say, to develop some key anchors in the various verticals it is in. As these ad networks become bigger, expect more of them to buying a lot more of the popular consumer-focused blogs.


Cigars Man

The scramble for traffic continues on the web. While the majority of web shoppers are women, you will see many more companies competing to get their attention. Monetizing the content from such websites will be interesting.

Rafat Ali

not necessarily by just the big guys, but the medium guys too…companies like ad networks who have raised a warchest for the "nuclear winter"…valuation hopes are coming down fast already.


My guess is that we see a lot more of these types of small content blogs being acquired by the big guys.

Brick Marketing

Cool news – although something about keeping up to date with the news of children who are constantly bombarded by paparazzi unwillingly seems a bit off to us.

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