VIA introduces Isaiah as the Nano family


ViananofamilyWe had an e-mail tip-off earlier this week that Isaiah was coming, but had to keep it under our hats to be sure. I’d say an official press release from VIA confirms it as the Isaiah CPU is now announced as the VIA Nano family. Following a similar pattern to Intel offerings, Nano availability comes in multiple flavors, ranging in clock speeds from 1.0 GHz to 1.8 GHz, all with an 800 MHz front side bus. The 64-bit, out-of-order processing along with several powers-saving features (support for C6 sleep state and Adaptive PowerSaver Technology to name a few) give the Nano a nice performance per watt ratio.Although LAPTOP Magazine indicated commentary that the Isaiah wouldn’t be used in sub-notebooks, it’s clear from the press release that there’s a socket for newly named Nano chips based on this quote: “Initially to be launched in two skus, the VIA Nano L-series processors for mainstream desktop and mobile PC systems and the ultra low voltage U-series for small form factor desktop and ultra mobile devices such as mini-note.”Bear in mind that the ultra low voltage U-series chips top out at 1.3+ GHz with a maximum TDP of 8W, while the faster clock-cycle L Nanos are the 1.6- and 1.8GHz chips that can use two to three times more power, hence they’re likely to be in standard, not sub-notebooks or UMPCs. So, now that the wait for more information is over, what do you think of the Nano, especially in light of the Intel Atom?

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