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EPIC-FU and Next New Networks Split

EPIC-FU and Next New Networks have parted ways. The announcement was made through both of their blogs earlier today. We knew that the two sides hadn’t renegotiated their contract as of April this year, and that the EPIC-FU was in talks with an undisclosed cable network about a TV deal, so the news isn’t too much of a surprise.

Both sides were a model of mutual admiration societies when breaking the news.

From the Next New Networks blog:

… after careful consideration of each company’s goals, we’ve made the decision to move our separate ways. Next New Networks is focused for the coming year on a strategy anchored around our building up our own networks in key categories like autos, entertainment, humor and style, and establishing some new partnerships in those areas. Similarly, Smashface is going to pursue their creative vision in a way that can be most effective for them.

From the Smashface Productions (which creates EPIC-FU) blog:

After much consideration and discussion with NNN, we’ve decided to go our separate ways. As Tim wrote on the NNN company blog, it’s no secret that we’re good friends and really enjoyed our time working together. You know a partnership has been a success if each side comes out stronger for it. With NNN racking up something like 30 million video views a month across their networks these days, we fully expect them to continue to be viewed as leaders in our young industry.

The EPIC-FU web site has a big banner ad announcing a “Big Surprise Announcement” and a relaunch on June 5th. We’ve contacted Smashface to see if they’ll give us any hints as to what’s next, and we’ll update this post if they give us the skinny.

UPDATE: We heard from Steve Woolf, co-founder of Smashface. He wouldn’t spill any details, but here’s what he wrote in an email to us:

As far the broader plans for EPIC FU, we’re going to expand the amount of programming each week and develop recurring segments embedded into the show that we will look to spin off into new EPIC FU branded shows in areas with large, passionate, targeted audiences.

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