Dell and Acer to enter mini-notebook arena

It’s funny because rarely do you see a single product inspire more copycat love from major OEMs like we have recently.  Asus woke up the sleeping giants with its EEE PC and once HP jumped on the bandwagon with its MiniNote I knew it wouldn’t be long before other major notebook makers introduced products too.  Yesterday Dell leaked information about its upcoming mini-notebook now being called the Mini Inspiron.  Gizmodo got to see and take some photos of it but Dell wouldn’t give up the expected pricing nor OS it was running.  In fact pretty much all they’d confirm was that the Mini Inspiron was aimed at "developing countries", something that if true is missing the mark by a wide margin given the popularity of these mini-notebooks.


Today information has leaked over at UMPC Portal about the Acer Aspire One, a mini-notebook that looks a lot like the HP MiniNote and runs Windows XP.   The early information has the Aspire One using the Atom chip and that it will retail for 299 Euros.  The genre is heating up.



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