Remove duplicate tasks from Outlook caused by Gmail IMAP


Image127Are you using Gmail’s IMAP service with Outlook like I am? I do just that on my Windows devices and I always wondered why I had duplicate follow-up items in my To-Do Bar. The reason is related to something I already knew: there’s isn’t a one-to-one relationship between Gmail labels and Outlook folders. For example, one single message in Gmail could be labeled “All Mail”, “Inbox”, and “Follow Ups”. In Outlook that would be represented by three duplicate messages, one in each of the folders with the label names. As a result, when I’ve been “starring” a message in Gmail on the web, it’s been appearing once in the Outlook To-Do bar for each label.Luckily, the How-To Geek realized that a relatively simple filter can keep you from staring at multiple follow-up items when this happens. The instructions are right here and they worked just fine for me. I also recommend subscribing to the How-To Geek via RSS as the site is a great daily resource for various tips and tricks for Windows, Linux and the Mac.

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