What’s Happening At Jamba? Strategic Options?


What will happen tomorrow at Jamba? The mobile content company which is majority owned by News Corp (NYSE: NWS). and rest owned by Verisign, has a big meeting tomorrow, according to Rupert Murdoch, who was speaking tonight at the D conference in Carlsbad, CA. Murdoch confessed he didn’t know that much about the Jamba business, but will find out at the meeting.

My one guess: Verisign may possibly be looking to get out of the mobile content business, as it has with other non-core areas. It might be that it is looking to get rid of rest of the business, or that both of the companies want to offload it to a third party…of course this is all idle speculation based on one sentence by Murdoch…

Disclosure: Verisign has been a sponsor of mocoNews.

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