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@ D6: TiVo CEO Tom Rogers: Game Over For Trying To Get People To Watch Commercials; Disney Deal

Updated with video highlight below:
TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) CEO Tom Rogers is speaking on stage this morning, fresh from announcing the company’s Q108 results, and is making the case that TiVo is more than just a DVR box, for his company’s own selfish reasons of course: “It is game over for trying to get people to watch commercials. We told the agencies and content companies that we have to figure out an ad model beyond this that works. There is no magic bullet, but you have to integrate it better, either in the menu, or in the program. You have to get them to click into an ad.”

How do you get away from the notion that people are content burglars: “The TV world can’t go the way music world went….we are giving the companies and agencies data on how they are being disrupted, and they can then do something with it, which is something the music industry never did.”

On Echostar (NSDQ: DISH) lawsuit: We are rounding the corner on this one…this is in final stages. This is far more far reaching in terms of the number of DVR users (compared to say Blackberries). We will definitely protect our IP going ahead as well.

The Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) rollout: It is just starting now…we integrated Tivo software into generic Motorola (NYSE: MOT) boxes, which was a very complicated deal.

The TiVo box: It continues to have a role: it gives us a direct way to reach consumers. We are not just DVR, we are also a digital video retriever, meaning connection to a broadband connection and be able to pull down video/music/media from the Web.

Broadcast industry: The broadcast industry has within its power to avoid some very dark days…whether they will move fast enough, I am not sure. It is consumer control, it is fast forwarding through commercial, it is infinite choice…and they have to figure out a new model which will allow them to be major players going ahead. We now see CBS (NYSE: CBS) and NBC and major agencies working with us which you thought would never be possible.

He’s talking way too fast…follow the coverage from here on, on AllThingsD.

Meanwhile, separately, TiVo announced a deal with Disney-ABC and CinemaNow, where TiVo users will be able to rent movies for a 24-hour period starting later this year. TiVo already has deals with Amazon’s (NSDQ: AMZN) Unbox service, and YouTube for pushing videos and movies to the service, with rental, downloads and free.

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