3 Responses to “Can Apple Hit 10 Million Target With 3G iPhone?”

  1. Argos

    Constable Odo is right. Estimating the performance for the year by looking at past sell through in US only is barely an adequate analysis. An improved iphone with access to applications that will take advantage of higher data transfer speeds is going to catch consumers. Remember that Apple's marketing engine and their current communications focus on the applications and things that people can do with the device. Having access to new things is definitely going to be a good selling argument.

    Also important is the fact that international sales could easily account for double the volume from whatever they will be doing in US, specially from Europe and Asia now that the device is bringing 3G capabilities to a market that was already used to faster browsing speeds.

  2. Constable Odo

    Now just a minute. Right now the iPhone is being sold officially in say six countries. For the introduction of the 3G iPhone, it will be sold in about 67 countries through multiple carriers. This is not even yet counting Russia, China, Japan and Korea. The iPhone will have 3G, possibly true GPS and dual cameras, many SDK apps that will be ready through the App store (including many third-party business apps and GAMES). The Microsoft Exchange Server capability will open it to the corporate world. There are rumors of subsidies ($299) and upgrading from older to newer iPhones.

    After all this an analyst is going to say that Apple can't sell ten million iPhones by the end of the year. That is plain BS. Apple should sell a million a month easily with a huge spike around the Christmas holidays.