10 Million iPhones in 2008: How?

Granted, the iPhone gets a lot of news any day of the week, but today the New York Times, Ars Technica, and Information Week are all raining on Apple’s parade, claiming that Jobs’ prediction of 10 million iPhones in 2008 was way beyond the mark. Macworld steps in with an article showing how it is nearly impossible that Apple won’t sell 10 Million iPhones.

What does Apple need to do to meet that lofty goal. Here are three things that will almost ensure 10 million units:

  • Release it, STAT! – All the empty stock is only hurting their chances of selling more phones.
  • Reduce the price – $400 or $500 is too much. Many people can’t see themselves spending that much when it is entirely possible to get a phone for much less. Shoot for the subsidized price of $149 and $249. It would be hard to pass up if it is less than $250.
  • Open the App store at WWDC – After building up our hopes earlier this year, don’t dash them again. Make the iPhone a need, and not just a want.

3G and GPS are great features that would certainly make the phone better, but they will not carry the phone to 10 million units sold in this year. What else will be a deal-maker for you?


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