Kinverge With Your Family and Friends

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I’m in Tokyo right now and having recently let my .mac account lapse, I’m trying out several different ways of giving my family and friends back home a glimpse of what I’m seeing. Kinverge is a social network designed for just this task.

Unlike most social networks, Kinverge is all about the people you physically know and trust – your family and friends. You invite the people you want in, they can see and comment on your photos, post messages, add/laugh at things you want on your gift list and track your calendar.

Kinverge has a nice feel to it – minimal effort gets things done, no (as of now) ads; just the thing to share what you are up to with family and friends who aren’t over social-networked. Small touches show you are not some anonymous node on the social graph, rather you are sharing with people you know.

It’s very early days for Kinverge and there’s plenty of room for enhancement: Being on a Mac, I’d really like to see a photo importer so I can pull right from iPhoto. It won’t be the one click web gallery process that iPhoto/.Mac make possible, but it would be close. And I’d really like to be able to post short videos as well as photos, insofar as my digital camera does both (as does yours, I’d wager). It will be interesting to see how Kinverge grows, but it gets the job done now if you want to share with people you really care about.

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Laurie Henderson

We’ll see how this works.
I missed you in the paper for some time and was going to write your e-mail and yesterday caught your laptop article so I guess things are moving along. I don’t full understand this new progect but I guess I’ll learn.—-Laurie

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