Asus to debut 10-inch EEE PC next week- is this too big?

480_asus_eeepc1001whiteAsus will be announcing the EEE PC 1000 next week at CompuTex in Taiwan with the biggest screen yet, 10 inches.  This leads me to wonder how big is too big where these ultra-cheap laptops are concerned?  Why should this matter?  Well it’s not the size that’s the concern with me it’s the price.  The bigger the screen the more expensive to produce which translates into a higher street price.  This could be a factor as I believe that what catapulted the original EEE PC into the forefront was not the small size but the small price.  The portability was icing on the cake but what got everyone’s attention was the very low price.  Since that original EEE PC we’ve seen models that grow and grow along with the price tag.

I look at the notebook market today and you can get a pretty decent laptop for around $600 in the US.  Sure it won’t be tiny, but neither will the hardware components.  So if price is the major factor in the ultra-cheap notebook arena, and I believe it is, then these new (and bigger) ultra-cheap notebooks are entering the price range of the much better outfitted laptop.  Why buy a big EEE PC or equivalent for $600+ when you can get a Core 2 Duo 15.4-inch laptop from a major vendor with tons of memory and and an optical drive inside?  If size is not a big factor, and the bigger these little notebooks get the less a factor it will be, then go for the power.  That’s my take on it anyway.