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Amazon PPV Streaming Coming Soon

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Amazon will be unveiling a new video pay-per-view streaming service in the next couple of weeks, Jeff Bezos said today at the D6 conference. Details were non-existent (Amazon would only confirm the announcement), but one way or another, the move adds another player to the increasingly crowded world of home movie delivery.

You can watch Bezos make the announcement in this highlight video (skip ahead to the 3:30 mark):

Also today, Amazon Unbox partner TiVo said it would be using rival download service CinemaNow to provide Disney movie rentals to its customers. And streaming must be the new black, as Netflix showed off its Roku streaming movie box last week. Bezos even alluded to the crowded video delivery space, saying that because movies and music are so glamorous, they attract a lot of people.

3 Responses to “Amazon PPV Streaming Coming Soon”

  1. Neat Stuff… Amazon could go a long way in this direction. Keeping in mind that we have our dish networks to provide in- home entertainment, was that enough? Nope. engineered bringing streamed data into the home front via their Vista operating system. There has been some chatter about in the clear television streaming but the broadband issue is being tweaked on. Keep tuned though as I am sure more will be coming in line of plug-ins, especially from Real players latest version.